May tailwinds forever be at your tail!

Airplane Rental (Not Available at this time)


1970 Cessna Skyhawk 172K Lycoming O320E2D 150hp


IFR certified, 9 In/Out, Narco Mark 12Dís "digital" (ILS/VOR), PCD 7100-1 Intercom with/CD player, new "digital" NARCO AT-165 Transponder w/encoder, KR-86 King ADF, FAA certified leather interior, New RG-25 Battery (not a Gill Battery - those are junk), new vacuum pump with 1,000 hour warranty, new alternator belt, new digital display on #1 radio and both Nav/Coms brought up to mfg. specs. (FEB08), back bench seat has head phone/music device plugs for both rear passengers, and more...plane looks and flies like new.† Coming soon; EDM 700 (engine analyzer)!


Call for current pricing/hour dry†


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Discovery Flight (Not Available at this time)

$$$ Call for price


You fly the plane, pre-flight, weight and balance calculation, post flight. Discovery Flight must be scheduled at least 10 days in advance.† Students must weigh less than 300 lbs.††